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Making previously 'undruggable' targets 'druggable'

Filamon attributes the modest progress in the medical fields of cancer, the increasing number of autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases (such as Parkin's and Alzheimer's disease) to the fact that the faults that underly most degenerative and inflammatory diseases involve a number of control mechanisms that are critically important to how all our organs and tissues function. And that has been the problem - how do we rebalance these faulty control mechanisms in diseased tissues without upsetting their critically important behaviour in the rest of the body and resulting in unacceptable toxicity, particularly in the context of increasing fault lines as we age? That problem has led to these important control mechanisms generally being regarded as 'undruggable', or off-limits to drugs. The result is drugs that deal with the edges of the problem, not the core of the problem.

In an important breakthrough, Filamon has found a way of drugging the 'undruggable' targets in a way that does not leave the patient exposed to unacceptable toxicity.

This breakthrough now clears the way to providing more effective treatments for some of society's most debilitating and lethal health problems.

Our aim is enhanced longevity, productivity and lifestyle without sacrificing convenience, safety and cost-effectiveness for patients and government health systems.