About Us

Filamon Limited is a public, clinical stage, drug discovery and drug development company based in Australia.

Our focus is a family of first-in-class drugs that offer breakthrough treatments of chronic degenerative and inflammatory diseases primarily, but not exclusively, associated with ageing.

The 'breakthrough' is the ability to modify the behaviour of faulty cell functions previously considered undruggable. With a wealth of target diseases and conditions to choose from, we have chosen to focus this breakthrough drug technology in the first instance on a range of cancers (principally prostate, lung, pancreatic, bile duct) and on degenerative changes affecting the eye and the brain.

Our starting pipeline is aimed at:

  • Extending life and quality of life by blocking the aggression and invasiveness of most forms of cancer
  • Reversing the forces that prevent cancers from responding to chemotherapy
  • Restoring normal vision to patients with wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema
  • Correcting the forces that disturb the brain's reward system and lead to drug addiction and OCD.
  • All drug candidates are blockbuster opportunities because of the world's aging population