Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Statement

    Filamon is committed to the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations across all facets of its scientific and clinical programs and in its corporate processes and decision-making.

    Filamon’s intention to commit to continuous improvement of its ESG performance demonstrates an experienced, well-informed Board and management attitude and a values-led culture that is vigilant and responsive to the challenges and opportunities of conducting a drug development business responsibly and sustainably.

    • Manage all resources, including funds and human capital, with an ethos of sustainability and sound risk mitigation
    • Conduct sound vendor verification at all levels of the Company, particularly supply chains
    • Position Filamon as an employer of choice to attract and retain top talent
    • Continuously work towards identifying technologies, materials, facilities and funds in responsible and innovative ways
    • Adherence to all requirements of financial and regulatory Corporate Governance
    • Demonstrate a company culture of diversity and inclusiveness of all kinds